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Why Saturn Systems?

At Saturn Systems you will find the highest quality collection service available in Cyber Space. Our service was designed by a seasoned collection professional who has been in the collection industry since 1987. We excel in all types of collection activity including recovery of commercial, consumer, medical, government and retail accounts both domestically and internationally. We offer the latest in electronic submission of accounts as well as on-line reporting and updating.

As opposed to charging 20 to 40% to collect your accounts, we charge a flat fee averaging about $10 per account. By charging a flat fee, we can offer these distinct advantages:

1) Guarantee consistent collection efforts on every single account regardless of size, age or location. We don't cherry pick.
2) Increase cash flow dramatically.
3) Decrease internal collection costs by up to 50%.
4) Reduce Days Sales Outstanding.
5) Increase Bottom Line Profits.
6) Decrease the number of accounts that require attention from hard-core collection agencies.
7) Use methods that are not offensive, allowing you to maintain a good relationship with your customers.
8) Provide 24/7 on-line access to your database.
9) Offer free credit reporting for delinquent debtors.


I really like how easy it is to work with your company and how on top of it you are! Oh yeah, and the cost is amazing!
Thank you for all you do for us, you guys are the best!!!

Jazmin H.
Glenwood Springs, CO

I am absolutely amazed. Within 5 days of my submitting my first account I recovered more than 5 times my initial investment. I wasted more than ten times what the flat fee was to collect on the account myself.

Dustin G
Yutka Fence Co

I don't often write letters of recommendation but your service blows me away. I've recovered 62% at an incredible cost of 2.6%. It's a lot better than giving 30% of my money to a collection agency. All I have to do is enter the information on your website and, “Viola!” the money comes rolling in.

Tim S
Clean Designs

Our company has experienced a sizable growth spurt in the past couple of years and our office staff no longer has the resources to handle our collections. We were looking for a company that would produce results quickly at a reasonable price. Saturn Systems has proved to be exactly what we were looking for. Our contacts at Saturn are a pleasure to work with.

Myles C
Vice President
Superior Landscape

Since inception, Saturn Systems has proved to be a worthwhile agency collecting an average of 79 percent of the total amount for accounts submitted... Compared to previous agencies we have used, Saturn has proven to be more successful.

Laura Z
United States Welding Inc

Finally! We found a collections agent who doesn't just talk about what they can do for us and actually collects on accounts that have slipped through many hands. We utilize the letter program and the hard core collections efforts they provide, and have out preformed a dozen others! Look no further, this is the company you need to give your aging receivables to.

Brian L
Outsource Logistics LLC

I wanted to drop you a quick note about our experience with Saturn Systems. When our office started using your company, we had no idea what kind of response we were going to receive from our past due customers. Your company was so efficient and effective, within just a few days our office was completely overwhelmed with phone calls from customers wanting to clear up their past due accounts.

Thank you also for your follow up communication and hands on approach with our office staff. I appreciate you reaching out to make sure our experience is exceptional and that all of our needs are being met.

Mark M
General Manager
BELFOR Property Restoration

I just wanted to give you a quick heads up that I've got people calling right and left as a result of Saturn Systems contacting them. We are getting substantial results because of your efforts. If you have the opportunity to talk to other regional managers and/or offices, I'm happy to endorse/recommend Bob Stein of Saturn and his office. Seriously, it's day and night from our previous experiences.

Carol G
BELFOR Property Restoration

Hey Bob just wanted to let you know that both the accounts we sent to collections through you just paid us in full! I am thrilled with your service and will continue to tout the benefit of your company. Im sending an email to HOODZ corporate letting them know as well.

HOODZ of Twin Cities North Metro

Saturn Systems has out performed our previous agency, Transworld Systems. Several things are important when dealing with our customers.
  1. Professionalism. We have an excellent reputation for customer service and the way Saturn Systems operates reflects very well on our company.
  2. Customer service. Our representative is always there when we need him plus he is exceedingly knowledgeable and helpful. It is easy to recommend Saturn Systems.

Joe T
Assistant Controller
Tuff Shed

I wanted to take this time to thank you and your associates for the prompt service as well as taking on some of our more colorful characters that we deal with. We appreciate the fine service and quick method in which you get things accomplished. Up until our association with your corporation, these accounts would have been strictly write-offs. Many of these clients knew that and thought we would not take any further steps in collecting their debt; so it probably comes as a surprise to them that we are actually serious about our services, yet willing to negotiate in a fair manner. Our relationship with Saturn Systems has allowed us to do that.

Mary V

Creating the partnership with Saturn Systems has helped us collect 100% of our outstanding bills and has done so without ruining our client relationships. We feel fortunate to have found them and will continue to recommend them to anyone who asks.

Thanks Again!

Sonny S
Studio Rendering, Inc.
Chicago, IL

Thank you so much for working with us on this. The accounting manager tells me that your company is doing a very good job for us, and they enjoy working with you. We appreciate all of your efforts.

Olivia F
Arkansas Business Publishing Group

I am a new user on the Saturn Systems site and so far it is very user friendly. All the functions are easily accessed, and everything has worked perfectly. Any questions I have had, have been answered quickly and expertly by Bob. Much appreciated, thank you!
Thank you all for everything you do, and all the hard work.

Sales Audit Coordinator
Stores 481-798

You deserve a medal for what you do!

Tammy D
Physicians Surgery Center of Fredereick

I am very happy with the service. You guys are great.

Gene ID Lab

We have been working with Bob and Saturn Systems for many years. It is nice to have an easy platform and a reliable collection company to use when needed.

Bernie's Plumbing and Heating, Co

You guys are FABULOUS. Our customer responded IMMEDIATELY. We are “negotiating” - and will let you know shortly IF THEY PAY. We’re giving them 30 days, and will keep you posted.

You did a Great job.

Handyman Matters North Houston

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