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At IPBG we strive to find valuable partnerships with firms we believe can offer value added products and services that can help in your day to day operations. One of the services often requested is that of a collection agency. We have recently been in contact with Saturn Systems. They are a full service collection agency but have created a unique process to handle all of the delinquent accounts a pharmacy might encounter; ie. past due open accounts, bounced checks and even collecting accounts from patients in skilled nursing and long term care facilities. They have created an automated collection process that can actually guarantee polite, consistent collection efforts on every account submitted to them regardless of age, location or size of balance. They are web based and there is almost no paperwork involved in using their service. The biggest benefit of their service is that they do not charge a percentage of what is collected, THEY CHARGE A FLAT FEE THAT NEVER EXCEEDS $12.25 PER ACCOUNT. By charging a low flat fee as opposed to a percentage, they can offer some real benefits to our members:

1) Guarantee consistent collection efforts on every single account regardless of size, age or location

2) Increase cash flow dramatically

3) Decrease internal collection costs by up to 50%

4) Reduce Days Sales Outstanding

5) Increase Bottom Line Profits

6) Decrease the number of accounts that require attention from hard-core collection agencies.

7) Use methods that are not offensive, allowing you to maintain a good relationship with your customers.

8) Provide 24/7 on-line access to your database.

9) Offer free credit reporting for delinquent debtors

As a member of IPBG, Saturn has agreed to offer their services at a steep discount over their standard published prices. They are HIPAA compliant and we believe they can be a great help with your business. Please feel free to contact Bob Stein at 888-783-8749 ext 11. He will be able to assist you in pricing.

Saturn Systems

We Run Rings Around the Competition

You can get more information on their website,
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