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Flat Fee Services

Saturn Systems has developed a unique concept in the area of Accounts Receivable management. Using a series of carefully worded demand letters we can make a tremendous impact on your cash flow, DSOs, and the time and money spent chasing down delinquent debtors.

By using Saturn Systems after your internal efforts have showed a slowdown in results, but prior to sending them to a conventional agency we can reduce your cost on accounts that don't need hard-core collection activity, i.e.; litigation or skip tracing. Conventional agencies charge you for these services whether your accounts require these services or not. If, by using Saturn Systems,we can achieve payment, then you will pay just a fraction of what other agencies charge. If not, then you know that these accounts need hard-core collection activity that might include litigation, skip tracing or more persistent phone contact by the conventional agency.

Saturn Systems offers these unique features:

  1. Since the accounts are contacted by computer generated demands that are sent out on a time activated basis, you can be sure that every account will be contacted consistently. Thereby, your accounts get worked regardless of balance, location or age.

  2. The demands are carefully worded so as not to offend your customers. Turning accounts to Saturn Systems does not mean that you have to sever your customer relationship.

  3. Due to the fact that Global Executive Solutions charges the most cost effective flat fee rate per account, as well as taking into account the above stated benefits, accounts can be turned over at a much earlier age, so your internal staff can concentrate on devoting their valuable time and resources to accounts that are younger and therefore easier to collect.

  4. Accounts can be submitted manually on our website or by electronic file.

  5. Each month you will receive a status report outlining activity on all accounts placed for collections.

  6. Uncollected accounts can be reported to Equifax or Dun and Bradstreet at no additional charge.

Flat Fee Price List as of 1/1/2018

100 accounts $14.35 each
250 accounts $13.85 each
500 accounts $13.35 each
1,000 accounts $12.85 each
2,000 accounts $12.35 each
5,000 accounts $11.85 each
10,000 accounts $11.35 each
20,000 accounts $10.85 each
50,000 accounts $10.35 each
100,000 accounts $9.85 each

Accounts that are purchased have no expiration date;
they can be used whenever you need them.
There is no minimum or maximum dollar
amount that can be turned over for the flat fee.

Double your Money Guarantee

  1. Saturn Systems will collect at least 2 times the total dollar amount that the client invested in the use of Saturn Systems prepaid collection service, if used in accordance with the following conditions:
    1. Time period to collect double the client's investment shall be 43 days after the last account purchased is turned over for collection.
    2. Any account submitted that are returned by the post office as undeliverable will not be covered under this agreement.
    3. All accounts must average at least $50.00 and any account under $25.00 will not be covered under this agreement.
    4. Accounts over 1 year from date of default will not be covered under this agreement.
    5. Accounts that have filed any form of bankruptcy will not be covered under this agreement.

  2. If, after all accounts are assigned to Saturn Systems in accordance with the above stated conditions, Saturn has failed to collect at least double the client's investment, Saturn will, at it's option:
    1. Refund the difference between actual dollars collected and double the investment, or
    2. Refund the full purchase price of the collections systems, or
    3. Provide free collection services until the guarantee has been satisfied.