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Saturn Systems Services

Saturn Systems provides an efficient, cost effective service for businesses that require assistance with their slow paying and bad debt accounts. We approach the business in one of three ways. Please review the following:

Flat Fee Services
Our entry level of service is the most cost effective approach to the collections industry. We incorporate the power of the computer with the most effective letter campaign available in the marketplace today. This service is based on a flat fee schedule that provides an incredible return on investment. (We will provide examples)
Hardcore Collections Phase I
For the more hardcore cases we can follow up the pre-collection service with the more traditional methods. This is based upon a percentage of the recovery. But due to our efficient operation and low overhead this service is less expensive than our competition.
Legal Services
This is the final stage where we turn the account over to a qualified attorney for court related actions.
Access via the Internet
Saturn clients can access account information, turn over new accounts for collection, update account status and view and print summaries of their accounts from within a password protected area.

Examples of account submission and account update forms, as well as a demo of a typical account report are available.