Talking Demands

Saturn Systems Talking Demands provide you with the ability to add verbal demands to our letter series. Talking Demands are an automated and polite option to reach your client. They are a series of automated "Robo Calls" that alert your customer that the account is seriously delinquent and that immediate action is required on their part. Calls include the name of your company, the amount owed, account # and a way to contact you or to remit payment.

This will result in increased communication between you and your client as well as an increase in collections. This approach will increase the number of inbound collection calls allowing your internal staff to operate at maximum efficiency. Remember that fielding inbound collection calls makes your staff 100% efficient as opposed to maybe 10-20% efficient on reaching debtors via outbound calls. Using this approach allows you to deal with any issues your customer may have regarding quality, quantity or their financial situation.

If the call is answered, your customer is given information on how to reach you by phone or where to send a payment and if answered by an answering machine, a message is left alerting your customer to contact you directly.

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